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WORKS WITH APPLE FIND MY NETWORK: Place the Finder Key Chain in your bag or easily attach it to your valuables, such as your backpack. Connect the finder to the Apple Find My network and locate your belongings effortlessly and whenever you want through the Apple Find My app. AUDIBLE ALARM: If desired, the finder will emit an audible alarm with a maximum volume of 110 dB, making it even faster and easier to locate your desired items. NOTIFICATION IN CASE OF LOSS OR THEFT: Your finder will automatically notify you if the device or your belongings with the device are accidentally left behind. If the finder is activated and is not near your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices for three days (the exact time may vary depending on Apple technology), it will automatically sound an alarm continuously for ten seconds if the finder moves. This effectively prevents theft! LONG BATTERY LIFE: The Flex Finder Key Chain comes with a pre-installed battery upon delivery. Additional batteries are included, which are operated with a CR2032 button battery. This ensures a long operational life. PROTECTION AGAINST TRACKING: All Swissdigital Design finders have been developed to effectively prevent unwanted tracking. If another finder is slipped into your belongings without your knowledge to track your movements, you will be notified through your Apple Find My app and warned by an alarm signal after a short period of time. Note: This notification does not give you permission to enter the pockets, backpacks, or other luggage of other individuals or to perform other illegal actions to deactivate the finding system. LEGAL NOTICE: The use of the "Works with Apple" badge means that a product has been specifically designed for use with the technology specified in the badge and meets Apple Find My Network product specifications and requirements. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or the use of this product, or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. CREDIT LINES: Apple, Apple Watch, iPad, iPadOS, iPod touch, Mac, and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the US and other countries and is used under license.



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