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RackGold M6 Rack Slide-on Cage Nuts and Screws with Washers - 25 Pack

Posted by Joyce Vinzani on

In the hardware world, there is some discussion about what is the best kind of cage nut. Some say slide-on, others say snap-on. At the end of the day, we believe that there is no singular style that is the best. Instead, each style best lends itself to certain situations: there are times when a snap-on cage nut is simply the best, and others where you wouldn’t want anything other than a slide-on. Today, we will take a look at a variety of slide-on cage nuts and accompanied hardware that helps make your life easier when installing or repairing your racking equipment.

RackGold M6 Slide-on Cage Nuts, Screws and Washers - 25 Pack

The RackGold M6 Rack Slide-on Cage Nuts and Screws with Washers - 25 Pack offers a small quantity solution for your rack assembly needs. Each pack comes equipped with twenty five M6 slide-on cage nuts, M6 rack screws, and plastic washers. This is a great item to invest in when doing first time assembly of racking equipment since each pack includes all of the hardware required for getting the job done. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why this hardware is setting the standard for industry quality.

Superior Manufacturing

RackGold uses cold hardened steel to make this hardware. The result is that each unit has incredible dimensional stability. Only the highest quality materials go into making RackGold hardware, and this product is no exception. They also include a black oxide coating that helps fight against corrosion and rust while also making the screw blend in with the rack. The hardware is made strictly in the United States of America, and is backed by RackGold’s lifetime warranty as a show of confidence in how durable and reliable the hardware is.

Compatibility and Variety

This variety of M6 rack screws can be utilized in any 10-32 tapped rail system. Furthermore, they can also be installed in universal cage nut style rails when used in conjunction with M6 cage nuts. RackGold also offers this bundle of hardware in 12-24, 10-32, and M5 sizes and with Zinc finish. You can even use multiple sizes in the same installation. Meaning that you can use smaller rack screws and cage nuts for lightweight rack shelves, cable managers, and spacer blacks while using larger hardware for heavier equipment such as UPS’s and KVM switches.

Finishing Touches

In addition to the black oxide coating that helps the hardware blend in with most racks, shelves, and cabinets, each pack comes with twenty five protective plastic washers. This is a great way to prevent scratches and other damage to the equipment it is fastened to, while also evenly distributing the pressure of the screw head.

Easy to Use

The screws included in these hardware packs utilize the simple yet effective Phillips Truss Head. This means that installation requires no more than a Phillips head screwdriver or bit. They also utilize a dog point/pilot point, a straight. The slide-on style of cage nut takes away the hassle of dealing with stripped holes in tapped rails. Instead of rethreading, simply slide the nut off and replace it with a new one.

Here at Rackfinity, our goal is to accommodate all of your IT environment needs. Because of that, we like to offer our customers ways to save money whenever it is possible. Therefore, when ordered in bulk, volume discounts are available for this product. Also, using the code “RACKGOLD”, you can take 10% off the cost of this product. And, as always, please feel free to contact us for a customized quote.

For more weekly product highlights and inside industry tips, make sure to check back in with us weekly here at the Rackfinity blog!

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