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RackMark 45U Heavy Duty Dual Mesh Doors 48" Depth Server Cabinet USA Made

Posted by Chelsea Gunderson on

Keeping your IT department clean and organized is one of the first steps to having a successful IT team.If things are messy, if there are cables strewn around everywhere, and if you IT pros can’t even find the thing they need to fix, then your IT personnel will spend more time sorting through the morass than actually doing what you hired them on for.

45U Heavy Duty Dual Mesh Doors 48" Depth Server Cabinet USA Made

It’s a well-known fact that people perform better in cleaner environments. A clean, well-organized space inspires productivity and doing a good job in any workspace. From a construction job site to a restaurant, to a home, to an office space, to an IT room, having everything neat and organized makes it just that much easier to actually get things done.

Human beings naturally are prone to be distracted and perturbed by messy spaces, clutter, disorganization, and confusion. Actually, one of the definitions for confusion harkens back to “Multiple particles strewn about with no order or significance.” So if a confusion is basically a mess, then it is really easy to see why people are less productive in a messy environment, and more productive in a clean, tidy environment!

At Rackfinity, our specialty is getting office spaces, particularly IT departments, fully set up, organized, and tidy. For server cabinets, we are very proud of our top of the line 45U Heavy Duty Dual Mesh Doors 48" Depth Server Cabinet. This beauty is one of our many server racks, and we are happy to offer it to our customers with full delivery and installation services too. You can get this cabinet for 10% off its original price with code "RACKMARK".

This is probably the last server cabinet that you will ever buy or use. Once professionals start using this extra deep server cabinet that includes 37” of useable space which is more than ample for power and network cables, they never go back. Here are some of the specs on it:

Cable Knockouts
It comes complete with cable knockouts to make your hookups that much easier. That’s right, the front flush panel features a unique, oblong cut out network for securing all of your many, many cable bundles. Depending on your preference, all you have to do is use either cable ties or hook & loop straps (which we also offer).

Rear PDU/Cabling Cavity
The 45U Heavy Duty Dual Mesh Doors come with a rear PDU (Power Distributing Units) /cabling cavity of its own. This is perfect because the recessed aspect of the cabling and the PDU mounting as it’s set up provides its own, totally unobstructed airflow and equipment access for easy maintenance and upkeep.

Field Reversible
This cabinet was built with versatility in mind and is therefore totally field reversible. Yes indeed, the 45U Heavy Duty Dual Mesh Doors has its own, integrated cable finger manager which is entirely field reversible for either its left or right side so it can be set up in any way that is ideal for you.

Fully Welded Seismic Floor Mounting Channel
Have you ever wanted to move your server cabinet to a different spot, but didn’t because you dreaded disconnecting everything? Not anymore with the 45U Heavy Duty Dual Mesh. This cabinet offers its own fully welded seismic floor mounting channel, so that it can be anchored, leveled, and moved while fully populated.

Full Front Perimeter Air Dam
Heat is an IT technician's worst enemy, but that won’t be a worry anymore with this product. It has its own full front perimeter air dam to get rid of air mixing and to instead increase cooling.

This product is one of our favorites, but check back at our blog next week for another excellent Rackfinity product and for great deals too!

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