Here at Rackfinity, we understand that LAN stations/workbenches are great for computer support and repair teams. Regardless of where you’re using them - in manufacturing facilities, video editing stations or computer labs - they should create a safe, organized and efficient workspace for maximum productivity. With that in mind, we carry a broad array of Kendall Howard Performance 400 Series benches that help you achieve more than just that.

Strong and Functional

Of course, you want a workbench strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you want to fill your small company need for servers and terminal stations or want to computer equipment when not in use, these benches will do just fine. They not only feature a deep bottom shelf but have a strong steel frame that gives them an overall capacity of up to 1,000 lbs.

Various Colors and Configurations

At Rackfinity, we know that areas, such as technology centers, offices and shipping stations, have varying needs and style. That’s why we stock Performance 400 Series benches with multiple configurations and different colors, including African Mahogany, Hard Rock Maple, and Folkstone.

The seven-layer laminate computer work table has a scratch- and spill-resistant finish that is durable for just about any application plus it will look fantastic in any office environment. The multi-utility LAN workstation also includes a built-in cable management channel that keeps network cables and power cords organized and hidden from view.

The design is completely modular, allowing you to make modifications as needed. No matter your space restrictions, there is a size of LAN station perfect for your office. Stations come in 24”, 48”, 72”, and 96” models. We offer multiple finishes that will match almost every office decor. These LAN stations are versatile and support numerous configurations. With the various hardware mounting options, shelves and available drawers, your office will be able to maintain an organized working environment at all times.

The designs of all the Performance 400 series are completely modular, allowing you to make adjustments as needed. Available accessories include accessory bars, LCD monitor mounts, power strips, keyboard trays, and casters.

Knock Down Design

Although all our Kendall Howland Performance 300 Workbenches require full assembly, they are super easy to set up. They come with universal preset accessory mounting holes and accessory bar that makes it possible to assemble and adjust the bench in a snap.

Need help choosing the best color or configuration that fits your space and business needs? Rackfinity’s customer service team will assist you in furnishing your office with the best and most useful configurations of workbenches and accessories at an affordable price. You won’t waste time finding quality furniture when you come to Rackfinity for guidance.