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41U 4 Post Knockdown Open Frame Rack - USA Made

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Kendall Howard 41U 4 Post Knockdown Open Frame Rack - USA Made

Mfr # 1943-3-100-41

Introducing the Kendall Howard 41U Knockdown 4-Post Open Frame Rack: Your one-stop shop for efficient and adaptable equipment organization.

Crafted with Strength and Convenience in Mind:
• Heavy-duty square tube steel construction: Built to last and handle even the most demanding equipment.
• Effortless assembly with just a few bolts: Save time and frustration with a straightforward setup process.
• Fully adjustable rails: Accommodate equipment of various depths and sizes with ease.
• 2,000 lb weight capacity: Strong enough for even the most robust server setups.
• 19" EIA compliant: Ensures compatibility with all your existing equipment.
• Compact and shippable: Arrives in a small package for easy transport and storage.

More Than Just a Rack, It's a Solution:
• Ideal for IT professionals and data centers: Keep your equipment organized and accessible.
• Perfect for home studios and workshops: Maximize your space and efficiency.
• Backed by a limited lifetime warranty: Invest in quality you can trust.

Don't settle for bulky, fixed racks. Choose the Kendall Howard 41U Knockdown 4-Post Open Frame Rack and experience the power of adaptability and convenience.

• Fully adjustable rails from 3" to 36"
• Assembles in less than 45 minutes
• 2,000 lb. weight capacity
• 19" EIA compliant
• Width 23.4"
• Depth 36.2"
• Height 74.9"
• Weight 98lbs
• Shipping Dimensions 75"x 8"x 5"
• Material(s) Cold Rolled Steel
• Color/Finish Black
• Made in the USA
• 19" EIA compliant
• Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Shipping Method FedEx Ground
• Made in the USA
• 19" EIA compliant

Ditch the Double Rail Dilemma, Embrace Triple Capacity:
Ever wrestle with bulky racks cramming equipment of different depths? We've been there. That's why our 41U Knockdown Rack boasts a game-changing triple rail design. (Imagine a sleek rack with three sets of vertical rails, neatly accommodating diverse equipment depths.) Forget juggling multiple racks; this versatile powerhouse lets you mix and match, maximizing space and streamlining organization.

Say Goodbye to Shipping Snarls, Hello Global Delivery:
Tired of hefty shipping costs and location limitations? Our clever knockdown design shrinks the rack into a compact package, slashing shipping fees and opening doors to worldwide delivery. (Picture a sturdy rack transforming into a compact, travel-friendly box.) Go global, assemble with ease – it's the future of racking, delivered.

Effortless Installation, Precise Alignment:
Uneven terrain got you down? Our built-in height-adjustable levelers let you conquer any floor. Simply crank, align, and voila! Your equipment enjoys a perfectly leveled stage. (Think of it as a spirit level seamlessly adjusting the rack's base, ensuring perfect balance.)

Double the Rail Power, Double the Access:
Need mounting options? We've got you covered. This rack comes equipped with two sets of 41U cage nut style rails, front and rear. (Visualize sturdy rails lining both sides of the rack, ready to securely mount your equipment.) Easy access from both sides? Check. Streamlined interactions? Double check.

What's in the Box?
Qty 4 - Upright Tube
Qty 8 - Corner Gusset
Qty 4 - Cross Tube
Qty 4 - Cage Nut Style Rack Rail
Qty 4 - Side Tube Weldment
Qty 8 - 3/8-16 X .750 Button Head Screw
Qty 32 - 5/16-18 X .750 Button Head Screw
Qty 8 - 3/8-16 Channel Nut
Qty 16 - 3/8-16 X 1.00 Button Head Screw
Qty 4 - Levelers

We offer design and manufacturing, kitting, deployment, support, onsite installation and more. Please contact us for USA Made solutions that can be customized to fit your requirements.

Limited Lifetime Warranty



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