There’s no doubt that workspace can greatly determine productivity and the quality of work. That’s why it’s critical to keep your team comfortable with the right IT furniture. With that in mind, we carry a broad range of Performance 100 Series LAN stations that help you achieve more than just that.

Easy Cable Management

Desks and workbenches are known for housing a tangle of unruly cables on and under them. Taming those wires is the least you can do to look neat and increase productivity. Fortunately, that should be among the least of your worries with the Performance 100 Series benches. Why? Simple. Because they come with built-in cable management channels that help you to stay plugged in without the wires taking over.

Multi-Functional Use

All our Performance 100 Series workbenches are multi-functional. That means? They will hold up just fine in virtually any environment, be it in a video editing station, security monitoring station or computer lab. Featuring a variety of shelf choices and accessories, these benches are easy to customize to your liking, space and comfort level. What’s even better, they provide just enough storage space, with the bottom shelf supporting up to 500 pounds.

Varying Sizes

No matter your space restrictions, there is a size of LAN station perfect for your office. Stations come in 24”, 48”, 72”, and 96” models. We also understand the necessity to have an attractive office and offer multiple finishes that will match almost every office decor.

These LAN stations are versatile and support numerous configurations. With the various hardware mounting options, shelves and available drawers, your office will be able to maintain an organized working environment at all times.

The designs of all the Performance 100 series are completely modular, allowing you to make adjustments as needed, even if your needs change over time. With this modern, modular furniture, you can take advantage of every valuable inch of your office’s floor plan. Whether you need office furniture that helps manage your electronic equipment or something more ergonomically friendly for your employees, these workstations are the solution.

Optional Accessories

Available accessories include accessory bars, LCD monitor mounts, power strips, keyboard trays, and casters. These stations also feature universal preset accessory mounting holes and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

If you are a smaller firm or a new one, the Performance 100 series offers sturdy, attractive office furniture that will keep costs low.

Below is an extensive of all the Performance Series 100 LAN stations and workbenches we offer. Need help selecting a solution that best fits your needs and workspace? Rackfinity’s helpful, efficient customer service team is eager to find solutions for your business, whatever your budget. Feel free to call our knowledgeable and friendly staff at 1-800-944-0338.