​4 Tips for Picking the Correct Computer or TV Mount

​4 Tips for Picking the Correct Computer or TV Mount

Apr 11th 2023

As we all know, it’s important to find the best-supporting pieces for your electronic devices. One incorrect piece can ruin the flow of your setup or make the products more difficult to use. For example, a proper TV mount should be strong and secure. In addition, a computer mount should fit the space of your desk and not be intrusive.

It is important to choose the correct computer or TV mount as these are commonly-used products. Therefore, the correct mounts should be designed for ergonomics and accessibility. In this article, we will discuss 4 tips to help you make the best choice.

What Should I Know About TV Mounts?

For the most optimal viewing experience, a wall mount may be necessary. With this option, you have more open space and the ability to place the TV where you feel it best fits.

TV Mounts for Workplace Efficiency

As it pertains to the workplace, a wall-mounted TV is essential for board or meeting rooms. This simple choice can make your office space look more professional and elevated. Furthermore, TV mounts make it easier to give presentations, as individuals in the back won’t have to crane their necks to look at the screen.

1. Know Your TV’s VESA Size

If you decide to purchase a TV mount, it is important to know what VESA size your TV is. VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. In general, every modern TV will have four mounting holes on the back. These all have corresponding VESA sizes. A 32-inch TV will have 200x200mm. Furthermore, TVs up to 60 inches will have a VESA size of 400x400mm. Finally, larger TVs, up to 84 inches, will have 600x400mm.

2. Choose the Right Type of Mount

It is also important to know what type of TV mount you want. Typically, you will have three options: fixed, tilting, or fully articulated.

A fixed mount will not allow you to move the TV’s positions after it is placed. This option is best for those that want a direct and straight viewing angle. Finding the correct placement is essential.

A tilting mount allows you to tilt your TV how you see fit. This can be great for avoiding glares or reflections.

A fully articulated mount provides the most versatility and flexibility. With this option. The TV is extended from the wall. By doing so, you can move the TV wherever you like and can maintain easy access to HDMI ports.

What Should I Know About a Computer Mount?

For many individuals, their work days are spent sitting behind a desktop computer. Understandably, this can take a toll on the back and neck, as they may be consistently hunching over or sticking their neck out. Therefore, a computer mount can be quite helpful to ensure comfort and ergonomics.

3. Know Your Setup’s Layout

When choosing a computer mount, it is important to know the layout of your setup. If you use multiple monitors, a dual or triple-monitor desk mount may be the right choice for you. With this, you won’t need to set up a mount for each monitor.

4. Know Your Monitor’s Weight

You should also know the weight of your monitor. For heavier monitors, a gas spring monitor mount may be necessary. These are heavy-duty mounts that can support weights upwards of 25 lbs. They can also support screen sizes as wide as 32 inches. Depending on your monitor, this type of mount may not be required, however, it does provide maximum stability and security.

In addition, a tall arm monitor mount provides greater height adjustment. This can be useful for taller individuals, those who work at standing desks, or those who want to focus on their posture.

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