6 Must-Have Server Rack Accessories for Seamless Operations

6 Must-Have Server Rack Accessories for Seamless Operations

Oct 25th 2023

While entirely usable as-is, a server rack may require several accessories to allow for seamless operations. We’ve tracked down 6 must-have server rack accessories that should help any server room operate more smoothly and effectively.

What Makes for Effective Server Rack Accessories

When outfitting a server rack room, it’s easy to focus on finishing as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, considering the best ways to optimize this space now can avoid more complex upgrades in the future. Here are some accessories to consider setting up in your new server room.

1. Rackmount Power Strip with Surge Protection

Having your own server rack gives you available data or computing power 24/7. This is one of the central reasons to have a rack of your own and why surge protection is necessary.

A rackmount power strip with surge protection offers two major benefits. First off, being mounted on the rack helps to save essential server room space.

Second, the surge protection will allow those servers to stay powered while reducing potential surge risks. This drastically lowers the risk of equipment damage or hazards like fire. This makes it not just more efficient but smarter design, too.

2. Server Rack KVM

A Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a solution for a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to control your equipment. This will allow quick and easy access into the system that will easily fit in the existing rack architecture.

At its most basic, this set-up will resemble a laptop with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. However, this system won’t be able to run independently or connect to the larger network.

Multiple servers can be linked to a KVM with something called a KVM switch. These are typically a bit more complicated to set up, but you can switch between different outputs as needed.

3. Blanking Panels

Blanking panels help manage airflow and maximize cooling efficiency. They’re a low-cost solution that also helps give a cleaner appearance to the server rack.

The most efficient way to cool a server is by circulating the cool air from the front to the back. The more cool air can be brought there, the more energy can be transferred into it. Blanking panels help move this air, as well as keep cold and hot air from mixing in the process.

4. Server Rack Ventilation Fan

Speaking of cooling server equipment, let’s talk ventilation fans. Hot spots can occur at any point along the rack, lacking ventilation. These hot spots can impact performance and be potential stress points in your server system.

This heating strain can be greatly reduced by using a server rack ventilation fan. These fans push cool air toward hot spots while maintaining separation between cool and hot air. In situations where blanking panels may be inefficient, a ventilation fan can make a big difference.

More Useful Server Racks Accessories for Any Business

Properly accessorizing your server racks will allow your team to focus on streamlining operations and providing a better customer experience. Like the ones above, these accessories can help make for a seamless operation sooner rather than later.

5. Cable Management Bars

Server rooms typically have a lot of cables, so it’s essential to find ways to manage and organize them.

While there are a lot of different products that can achieve this, there are two major priorities to focus on. These are best achieved with two different types of cable management bars. The first is a series of horizontal bars that can be used to effectively route cables to move where they’re needed. The second is vertical management bars that can organize cables traveling up or down the rack.

When used in conjunction with zip ties or Velcro straps, these cables will become much easier to manage and organize.

6. Server Rack Drawer

Space is at a premium in a server room, so storage can be a difficult thing to account for additionally. This can include hard drives, thumb drives, keyboards, laptops, or cage nut tools that might only be momentarily needed.

Items like these are best stored in a server rack drawer. There are typically options available at various heights and with different features. Despite these differences, most will fit any standard 19-inch 4-post rack.

Get the Best Rack Server Accessories at Rackfinity

With these must-have rack accessories, you can make a good server room into a great one. This will not only help your team do its best internally but also give their best service.

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