Everything to Know About HPE Renew

Everything to Know About HPE Renew

Nov 1st 2023

You may have heard of HPE Renew before, either from Rackfinity or another licensed seller. HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprises) Renew works to restore to like-new standards for HPE equipment. These are renewals done in HPE-managed facilities by trained and qualified remanufacturing teams.

This allows for the same HPE quality products at a much more manageable price point. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at everything you need to know about HPE Renew to start saving big.

How HPE Servers and More Get Renewed

HPE servers, blades, storage, and networking equipment all can be processed by HPE Renew. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the HPE Renew manufacturing process, step-by-step.

Step 1. Products are cleaned and disassembled

Strict quality standards are enforced for every process step, the same as with any HPE product. Each HPE Renew product is disassembled, cleaned, and inspected by a trained and qualified remanufacturing specialist. This makes sure that even if you’re paying less, you’re getting the kind of quality product HPE is known for.

Step 2. Reassembled with genuine HPE parts

All components are reassembled with the latest hardware revisions and firmware updates. After that, the System software is tested and brought up to the latest release level. Ensure it reaches the same quality standard as new products and only genuine HPE parts are used in remanufacturing.

Step 3. Quality checks and inspections

Every HPE Renew product is then inspected, needing to pass stringent quality checks before shipping. They are restored to default settings and given the latest product documentation. Outside of the serial number and the price, there are no outside differences between a new product and HPE Renew.

Step 4. Ship with full factory warranty

Hewlett-Packard is proud to stand behind all of its products, including the Renew program. Each HPE Renew product comes with an HPE Certificate of Quality out of the box. HPE Renew’s same-as-new factory warranty will be activated on delivery. It refreshes the original warranty so you can feel confident your product will be covered.

Why Buy HPE Renew?

That may all seem well and good, but why buy HPE renew over a brand new HPE product? Here are five great reasons to consider it.

1. Great Value

Depending on the product, you can save 15 to 30% or more when buying HPE Renew over brand-new HPE products. That’s on top of any sales that may be going on at the same time. If you’re looking to upgrade but feeling a budget crunch, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability with HPE Renew.

2. Certified Quality

Hewlett Packard Enterprises is a name associated with the best in electronics, and that’s a reputation they’re looking to keep.

HPE sets very stringent quality standards across its entire product line. All HPE Renew products undergo complete remanufacturing and testing processes in factories managed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Licensed specialists then fully restore these products to meet the same factory standards as new products.

Having HPE Renew means having HPE's commitment to uncompromising high quality and performance, the same as expected from new products.

3. Full Factory Warranty

HPE stands behind its Renew line as confidently as its new ones, including the full same-as-new factory warranty. Renew products’ warranty starts from the date of purchase.

This warranty is not just given to every product that gets assembled. Each one must pass stringent quality control tests to guarantee reliability. Additional service and support options are also available to complement the original factory warranty as desired.

4. Broad Range of Solutions

HPE Renew offers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise products to fulfill your specific business needs, whether that’s looking to implement a new IT platform or maintain or upgrade your existing one.

HPE Renew gives the best of both old and new. It gives access to a wide range of fully restored current state-of-the-art HPE products. In addition, HPE Renew can be a way to find quality-tested legacy and older-generation technology.

5. Eco-Friendly

HPE Renew isn’t just good for the bottom line but a sustainable environmental choice. HPE Renew products have a reduced overall environmental impact compared to new ones. This also keeps more equipment restored and used to its fullest capacity and less in landfills before its time.

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That’s everything to know about getting the best and saving big doing it using HPE Renew products. Now that you know everything about HPE Renew, you won’t spend more than you need to for the same HPE quality.

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