Five Uses for the Compel Mobius Training Table

Five Uses for the Compel Mobius Training Table

Jun 1st 2023

Training tables are an essential part of daily life. The Compel Mobius training table is a high-quality table used in a wide range of spaces and situations. Here are just five uses you can get out of a training table in a variety of locations and businesses.

Using a Training Table as a Work Table

A training table is a versatile, height-adjustable, and collapsible work table. It’s also called a breakroom table, cafe table, entryway table, office table, school table, cafeteria table, or restaurant table. Additionally, they can come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. With all these different names and appearances, it isn’t surprising to find training tables in a wide range of spaces.

Training tables originally got their name from the tables that provided athletes with planned meals as part of their training. We can not only find the modern training table helping athletes, but also assisting office workers, students, and restaurant patrons alike. Also, these tables are portable and multi-functional. They’re not just used to serve meals anymore. In fact, their primary use is in the work setting.

There are great potential applications for the Compel Mobius as a training table:

In the Breakroom

We often don’t appreciate the furniture in an office breakroom. However, tables are an invaluable component. Without a table, you wouldn’t be as easily able to enjoy your coffee, meal, or other break activities.

Training tables are a common feature in many breakrooms and can be easily folded or moved depending on your needs. If your company is using the breakroom for a party, training tables can also be set up to serve snacks or drinks.

For the Office

Since the Compel Mobius is light and foldable, it can be moved or repurposed with minimal effort. You can also use training tables like the Mobius in the back office area for displays like announcements or brochures. With just one training table and a few chairs, any space can quickly turn into a meeting space.

The Compel Mobius: A Multipurpose Table

While it’s versatile in office settings, the Compel Mobius is also a great multipurpose table. You can make great use of the Compel Mobius in these additional settings as well:

In the Entryway

If your space is hosting a seminar or event (like at a hotel), you can use training tables to set up the space. They could be your go-to space to hand out name tags, sign-in sheets, and pass out other hand-outs. Also, you can use them as organizers for meet-and-greets or other gatherings.

In Schools and Cafeterias

Schools, especially universities, can use training tables in a wide range of settings. Universities can use them in lunchrooms, libraries, computer rooms, or almost anywhere else in a school setting. For multi-purpose rooms, the Compel is collapsible, allowing the space to be opened up and re-utilized.

In Cafés and Restaurants

Opening a restaurant or café includes a lot of expensive and unexpected overhead, including furniture like tables and chairs. Therefore, training tables are an inexpensive option for restaurant settings, especially newly opened ones. Since they’re portable, they’re also great for catering too!

Order the Compel Mobius Training Table from Rackfinity Today

Wherever you decide to place it, the Compel Mobius Training Table is compact, simple, and solid. As we’ve seen, it’s an excellent choice for any work environment or multi-purpose space, or other high-density applications. It can be adjusted to 48, 60, or 72 inches wide, by 24 to 30 inches deep. Plus, it’s available in White/Life Grey, Grey Ash, Café, and American Cherry finishes and a silver frame. Also, it pairs great with the mulitpurpose Ziggy chair, also by Compel. Order a full set for your office today!