Tailored for Success: Why Customization Matters in Your Workspace

Tailored for Success: Why Customization Matters in Your Workspace

Nov 15th 2023

Customization, or personalization, is increasingly a concern for modern businesses, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Today, we’ll be exploring why customization matters for your workspace and how you’ll benefit from doing more of it.

How Custom Experiences Get Better Results

Businesses that create custom experiences for their clientele see improvements not just in sales but in retention. That’s just the beginning of how personalized custom experiences can turn new customers into returning loyal ones.

Data and Analytics Identify Opportunities

With more data and analytics on the granular level about the customer life cycle, it’s easier to find sales opportunities. This includes looking at their behavioral, transactional, and engagement trends. This insight can help define and quantify custom objectives and ground efforts in customer-centric performance indicators.

In short, knowing what a customer already likes and buys will help you know what to sell them and when.

Investing in Rapid Activation Abilities

With AI-driven capabilities and at-scale content creation, leading companies can respond to customer desires in real time. Leveraging predictive analytics and models helps them get the content they want to the customers most receptive to listening. Examples of popular models for this include propensity models or predictive next-best-action algorithms.

These also establish robust measuring processes to track customer interventions, giving that information back to the system and team. With these rapid activation abilities, it’s easier than ever to give every consumer a custom experience.

The Value of an Agile Operating Model

To succeed in scaling personalization, businesses create teams that cut across marketing, product, analytics, and technology.

This can be analogized to a “hub-and-spoke” approach, with each hub controlling specific aspects of the personalization journey. Each spoke, then, is empowered to build underlying use cases. Together, this allows teams to run hundreds of tests a year, enabled by advanced data and analytics.

Investing in Talent and Training to Refine Capabilities

Leaders must bring a similarly data-driven approach when building teams and their organizational capabilities. This should include focusing on skills needed to support personalization at scale.

These include digital and e-commerce acumen, advanced analytics, product management, and performance marketing. These skills are then mapped to their current talent base, using the results to inform hiring and training.

This approach allows companies to anticipate needed expertise and tools as personalization programs advance.

Why You Should Customize Your Customer’s Experience

It may be difficult to see just how your business could succeed more by customizing customer experiences. However, in a fast-paced business world growing faster and faster, more customers are expecting custom experiences like these.

A big driver in this change was the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The surge in online interactions exposed more customers to custom personalization practices, raising the bar for all competitors. Personalized interactions are now seen by many consumers as the default standard, whether on the web, mobile, or in person.

More and more customers expect companies to deliver these personalized interactions and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. This increases the pressure for companies to give these experiences or else risk customers switching to a competitor that does.

Customers similarly expect the businesses they buy from to recognize them as individuals and know their interests. Most consumers associate this recognition as a positive experience, making them feel special and valuable. Some examples of how brands reinforce these relationships are through touchpoints like post-purchase check-ins or asking for reviews.

By creating, reinforcing, and maintaining these relationships, customers are likelier to shop, shop again, and recommend the business to others. This kind of brand loyalty and personalized relationship not only leads to repeat customers but also a strong bond with them.

Have Success Tailormade for Your Workspace with Custom Services from Rackfinity

Perhaps the best analogy between a custom and non-customized shopping experience could be a department store versus a tailor. The department store may have what the customer wants, but your experience won’t be especially personalized to your needs. A tailor will specially measure their client to give them a custom product and experience. With new methods and online analytics, it’s possible to give this kind of personalized touch to every customer.

Whatever your business is or how you engage with your customers, Rackfinity can help make that process better and easier. That includes custom services to upgrade your servers to provide your customers with tailored, personalized experiences. Contact us today to find out how Rackfinity can help your workspace be tailored for success.