Tailored Perfection: Why Custom Assembly is Worth Every Penny

Tailored Perfection: Why Custom Assembly is Worth Every Penny

Dec 20th 2023

Not every solution is perfect for every problem, but that’s where custom assembly comes in. Custom assembly is worth every penny because you can tailor-make the best solution possible for your unique problem. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the value custom assembly projects can bring to your workspace.

How Rackfinity Helps With Your Next Assemble

Choosing to assemble a custom project is best left to skilled professionals. Anyone who has attempted even basic furniture assembly can attest to the big difference skill brings to the equation. With projects like workbenches, workstations, or server racks, this could be the difference between short, easy projects and long, difficult ones.

A quality assembly team (like the one from Rackfinity) will work with you every step of the way to best execute your next custom assembly project.

Planning and Manufacture

Every good plan starts with a good idea. When you come to Rackfinity’s design engineers with your custom idea, they have the experience and expertise to realize it. They’ll collaborate step-by-step, making recommendations where needed, to develop intelligent technology infrastructure and an effective on-budget solution.

Design and Customization

Here is where the rubber meets the metaphorical road on a custom project. Rackfinity carries solutions ranging from low-cost and standard to advanced, adaptable designs suited for a wide range of workspaces. Whatever the challenge, there’s a solution somewhere. With a wide range of potential materials and several ways to customize them, Rackfinity’s experts will find it.

Kitting and Deployment

A good plan is only as good as the people executing it. With Rackfinity’s trained professionals and experts on the job, you can feel confident your plan is in capable hands. They have experience assembling and customizing the relevant equipment and bring that experience into your custom assembly.

Support and On-Site Assembly

There’s a big difference between a theoretical plan and its practical execution. Unforeseen complications may arise, or there may be space issues or other considerations to make. With a confident on-site support team, you can rest assured your assembly will be done on time and budget.

Why Get a Custom Assembly?

Now that it’s clear what goes into a custom assembly, you may still wonder why it’s necessary. There are plenty of premade options in different sizes or configurations there should be one perfect for you. Here are three reasons to consider a custom assembly before shopping for other solutions.

Custom Assembly is Safer

For the well-being of everyone involved, you want someone skilled in correct safety and handling techniques undertaking custom assembly projects. Not every employee, even ones in a relevant department, might not know all these proper techniques.

By putting a professional trained in these proper techniques on a project, you can guarantee it’s in safe hands. Injuries and unsafe conditions aren’t just dangerous; they delay projects and cause unnecessary expenses.

Custom Assembly is More Effective

A custom assembly is performed by a trained and skilled professional with experience relevant to the project at hand. Unfortunately, this is not a claim everyone or anyone can make before undertaking a custom project. Instead of tasking an employee who may not know the first thing about the project, bring in an expert. They’ll get the job done as efficiently as possible.

On-Site Assembly Save Time

Speaking of efficiency, on-site custom assembly saves time in the long run. This includes both the time spent on the project itself and any time needed to make fixes or other adjustments. Get the best job done quickly with trained professionals performing on-site custom assembly.

See Tailored Perfection in Action with On-Site Assembly From Rackfinity

Custom assembly is tailored to perfection by design, with hard-working professionals ensuring you get the right solution for your problem. If you want to see that perfection in your server room or workspace today, contact Rackfinity’s custom services.

Rackfinity offers server solutions, technical furniture, rack enclosures, and more, but even those won’t solve every potential problem. With custom services from Rackfinity, you can find the perfect solution to your problem the first time (and save doing it).

Call 1-800-944-0388 or visit the Rackfinity website to learn more or to schedule your next on-site assembly today.