The Ergonomic Edge: 5 Reasons to Use a Computer Stand

The Ergonomic Edge: 5 Reasons to Use a Computer Stand

Aug 22nd 2023

Using a computer stand will give you the ergonomic edge to feel better and produce better work more consistently. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch today.

3 Reasons Why a Computer Monitor Stand Will Help You Feel Healthier

It may not seem like a major change initially, but using a computer monitor stand offers marked health improvements.

1. Reducing Physical Stress and Pain

Adjusting the height of the monitor allows for better viewing angles. This allows your body to relax properly by sitting in a more comfortable position.

Many of us are familiar with the hunched posture that happens while reading or typing for long lengths of type. This posture, if not corrected, can lead to complications like backaches or poor posture.

Using a laptop stand encourages less slouching and better posture, which will improve your feelings of health and wellness.

2. Lessening Eye Strain

Blue light exposure is one of the leading causes of eye strain. In addition, closer sitting positions play a role in how much a monitor can stress your eyesight in use.

A computer monitor stand can alleviate stress on the eyes by setting the screen’s level closer to appropriate angles. Having a clearer view of what you’re reading should reduce the need to squint or lean forward, reducing eyestrain appropriately. This will help create a safer distance between your eyes and the screen.

3. More Comfortable Typing

A computer monitor stand makes typing easier and more comfortable. Not using one may lead to increased issues with wrist pain or hand fatigue.

This is especially true if you work long daily hours on the laptop. Prolonged repeated use can lead to tension in the wrist muscles and cramps.

The monitor stand provides the ideal resting position to reduce this strain. By increasing the keyboard incline to about 25 degrees, the computer monitor stand allows typing with minimal force and energy.

2 Reasons Why Computer Stands Are the Most Practical Choice

Computer stands don’t just provide health benefits like the ones above, there are also practical reasons to invest in one.

4. Save Money

Investing in a computer stand can save you from spending more later in the long run. Costs can vary; however, most are fairly affordable.

In addition to saving on medical expenses, a computer stand can be a valuable alternative in different situations. It can be used to complete paper assignments on the spot or work as a makeshift book holder.

Most computer stands are sturdy and robust enough to fill all these needs and fill them for a long time.

5. Clear Up Workspace Clutter

The right computer stand can help you clear up more workspace and organize items and stationery. Without this extra space, there might be limited room for notes or book storage on the desk, depending on size.

Also, a computer stand can hide attached wires from view, possibly within the increased height of the base. This can also help adjust the gap to improve your ability to do things like write or read notes.

Some holders can even handle multiple devices at once, providing additional practicality and effectiveness.

Get the Ergonomic Edge with Computer Monitor Stands from Rackfinity

These 5 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits a computer stand could bring to you. When you’re ready to make that upgrade, Rackfinity is here to help with the latest in new and refurbished solutions.

One example worth looking at is the HP E27m G4 27" WQHD LCD Monitor. It’s normally 15.1” tall, but the stand can increase that closer to 21”. It’s eyesafe certified and includes anti-glare and swivel features to further improve your ergonomic experience.

In addition, other custom solutions are available, so call or make an appointment today to find out more information.

We are also excited to announce Rackfinity’s moving to a new office/warehouse space, now with a loading dock! We’re looking forward to more effectively serving your office supply needs from this new space.