The Importance of Choosing the Right Server Rack Screws for Your Infrastructure

The Importance of Choosing the Right Server Rack Screws for Your Infrastructure

Mar 11th 2024

As it relates to workplace infrastructure, several terms and items may come to mind. Many people think of computers, monitors, or other office equipment. However, most do not think of rack screws. You may be wondering, “How are rack screws important to infrastructure?”

Well, in a modern workplace that relies on data and its security, the right type of server rack screw can significantly improve efficiency and security. Therefore, understanding different rack screw sizes and how they can affect servers is essential.

Why is Server Rack Screw Size Important?

Different types of equipment require different types of rack screws. Therefore, it is important to understand the various rack screw variations. By doing so, you will be better equipped for installation. You’ll also reduce the risk of IT equipment falling apart or malfunctioning, ultimately preventing employee injury and costly repair fees.

Rack screw size is measured by diameter and thread count. Diameter refers to the screw head; thread count is the number of threads per inch. It is important to note that American rack screws are different from European rack screws. American rack screws are measured in inches, whereas European rack screws are measured in millimeters.

Often referred to as the “original” rack screw, the 10-32 screw is the most common variant of rack screw. Most servers and IT equipment will require this type of screw. “10” indicates the size, but the actual diameter is 3/16”. Furthermore, it contains 32 threads per inch.

The second American rack screw size is 12-24. It has a diameter of 7/32”. In addition, it features 24 threads per inch. Although it uses imperial measurement, this type of screw is used outside of America.

Lastly, there is the M6 rack screw. This is the largest type of rack screw with a diameter of 6mm. Companies such as HP use M6 screws.

Important Information About Server Rack Mounting Screws

There is plenty to know about server mounting screws. First, these types of screws are typically used for 19” server racks. Since there is no universal rack screw, be sure to confirm the compatibility of your rack screw and IT equipment.

Moreover, there are safety guidelines you should follow. Rack screws must meet specific industry standards. For example, they must have certain weight capacities. Understandably, these items are used to attach components. So, they should not be used if they cannot properly hold them. In addition, there are noticeable signs of unusable rack screws. Items that show large amounts of rust and corrosion should be disposed of.

Furthermore, rack screws feature different types of holes. The most common type is the threaded hole. In fact, newer servers are utilizing universal square rack holes. These items feature square holes with measurements of ⅜” x ⅜.” Due to its size, it can support several types of equipment. In addition, these types of rack screws are easier to install.

Lastly, you can convert a square hole into a threaded hole. All you need to do is insert a cage nut.

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