The Ultimate LCD Monitor Buying Guide

The Ultimate LCD Monitor Buying Guide

Oct 18th 2023

At their current level of pricing and development, now is a great time to buy a new LCD monitor. In this guide, we’ll explain the qualities to look for in the ultimate LCD monitor. In addition, we’ll be comparing and contrasting LCD vs LED monitors to see which is the right choice for you.

Getting the Ultimate LCD Screen

Before making any decisions, what qualities should one look for in the ultimate LCD screen? We’ve tried to break it down item by item.


The most common LCD monitor sizes are 24”, 27”, or 32”, but there is some variation above and below that. While a bigger display has certain benefits, bigger isn’t necessarily better in all cases. What matters most is how the display fits within a person’s field of view. This allows more of the display to be visible without any additional eye strain or head movement.

However, monitor size is very much a matter of personal preference. For many people, a 27”-monitor is a safe recommendation, but you may enjoy and benefit from a wider screen.


Monitor resolution is getting crisper and clearer with every new generation. Most budget monitors have a native resolution of 1080p (usually 1920x1080.) This is crisp and clear, but once you see 1440p or 4K displays in action, it will be very tempting to upgrade.

1440p, especially on a 27 or 32” model, is a strong choice, whether that’s gaming or day-to-day web browsing. 4K is ideal for larger models, especially 27 or 32” ones, creating a crisp display. This will let you get the most out of that expanded field of view.

With this increased clarity, however, often comes an increased price point. However, the price difference has narrowed in recent years, with many 4K monitors now starting below $300.

Refresh Rate

“Refresh rate” refers to how often a monitor updates its display image every second. Most monitors start with a 60 Hz refresh rate, but 144, 240, and 360 Hz refresh rates or higher are all available.

With a higher refresh rate, moving images look smoother, and input lag is decreased. For gaming experiences, a 144 Hz refresh rate or above is preferable. For most non-gaming display functions, the 60 Hz refresh rate will more than meet your needs.

Monitor Stand

When looking at monitor stands, look for a stand with height and tilt adjustments. This will help ensure a comfortable viewing angle. For secondary displays, a stand should be able to swivel and pivot as well.

LCD vs LED Compared and Contrasted

After that in-depth look at LCD monitors, you may wonder what equivalent LED monitors can offer. What are the differences when comparing LCD vs LED displays?

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Monitors

LCD monitors have been the standard since around 2014, when manufacturers moved away from plasma screen designs.

These designs work by shining a backlight behind the liquid crystalline matrix. This allows the display to be brightly lit and display precise high-clarity color.

Both LCD monitors and LED monitors use a similar display in producing their images. What makes these two different is how these images are lit.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Monitors

LED monitors are similar to LCD monitors but with a big and important difference. While both displays use liquid crystals to create images, the difference is how that image is lit. A standard LCD monitor uses fluorescent backlights, while an LED monitor uses light-emitting diodes for a similar effect. This allows most LEDs to display faster and more vividly than baseline LCDs.

An LED monitor, generally speaking, has superior picture quality and is the better choice for gaming.

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