Why You Should Choose the Ergotron Sit-Stand Work Station

Why You Should Choose the Ergotron Sit-Stand Work Station

Oct 4th 2023

With all the available work station options, it can be difficult to decide which is the best one for you. Today’s topic is a closer look at why the Ergotron Sit-Stand Work Station should be your choice. While it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, with its flexible range of adjustability and dependability, it’s a strong fit for many.

The Benefits of Switching to Sit-Stand Work Stations

Sit-stand work stations, at the risk of stating the obvious, are designed to be used both sitting and standing. With standing desk models or traditional seated ones, you are set in either one mode or another. Sit-stand stations allow you to switch from sitting to standing, depending on your needs.

This adaptability gives you the benefits of both options while not forcing you to stay in either position. Standing desks have been shown to burn an extra 35 calories an hour over sitting and lessened rates of cardiovascular disease. In addition, being able to change positions reduces the risk of strain from standing or sitting too long.

The adjustable nature of these work stations also helps adjust it to fit the needs of the individual workspace. Say, for example, you’re working from a corner space or with some similar space limitation. With a fixed desk, you have more limitations on how it can be set up or configured. With a sit-stand work station, you can make the desk fit the space and not vice versa.

Most sit-stand work stations are designed ergonomically, usually with the intention to reduce fatigue and stress. It’s difficult to put a price tag on the kinds of benefits this kind of peace of mind can offer.

Our Work Station Desk Recommendation: The Ergotron Workfit C

The Ergotron Workfit C Dual Sit-Stand Work Station is a work station desk that helps you stay energized and productive. Its large worksurface and height-adjustable keyboard tray and display make computing comfortable for prolonged periods. Let’s look closer at the Workfit C’s specs and see what makes it such a great fit.

The Ergotron Sit-Stand Work Station Up Close

The Ergotron Workfit C Dual Sit-Stand Work Station is a mix of black and gray plastic and steel. It’s 23.9” wide with a depth of 22.8”, making it easy to fit into most office spaces. Its height can be adjusted 25” (63 cm) to address most standing heights.

The Work-C can bear a load of about 28 lbs. and easily supports a 22” monitor. It has 4 dual-locking wheels to make it easy to rotate and position. Combined with its height adjustment potential, this makes it an easy fit into most office spaces.

With counterbalanced adjustment points, the Ergotron Workfit C allows for instantaneous tool-free repositioning on the fly. It’s been designed with a small footprint and advanced cable management in mind. Integrated brakes help secure the table in place but can be released with just a touch for height adjustments.

The Workfit C also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so any immediate issues should be very easy to fix. However, with its available features and adjustability, there are very few office spaces the Ergotron Workfit C can’t fit into.

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