HP E23 G4 - E-Series - LED monitor - Full HD (1080p) - 23"


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HP E23 G4 - E-Series - LED monitor - Full HD (1080p) - 23"

Mfr # 9VF96AA#ABA

This product currently has limited detailed specifications, please contact us for more information on this solution, or you can check the abbreviations of the product title from the Wholesale file , HP Recertified page or listed below. 

* Product availability subject to change without notice, orders can take up to 3 business days to process regardless of shipping method, verified signature required on all deliveries *

Abbreviation Meaning
AIO All In One (monitor included)
AMD AMD-branded Processors and Graphics Cards, ex. AMD Pro A10-8750B 3.6GHz
BD Blu-Ray Disc
BL Backlit
BluRay Blu-Ray optical drive - can read and write to DVDs & CDs, and read BluRay disks but not write
BluRay Writer Bly-Ray Writer optical drive - can read and write to DVDs, CDs and BluRay disks
BT Bluetooth wireless technology
BV BrightView
C Intel Celeron
Cam Integrated Camera
Core2 Intel Core 2 Duo Quad
Core2E Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Extreme
DC Dual Core
DM Desktop Mini Form Factor
Duo2 Intel Core 2 Duo
DVD DVD Optical Drive - can read CDs and DVDs
DVD-CDRW DVD-CDRW Optical Drive - can read DVDs, and read and write to CDs
DVDRW Super Multi DVDRW Optical Drive - can read and write to both CDs and DVDs
DVDRW(LS) DVDRW(LS) Optical Drive - can read and write to both CDs and DVDs, plus LightScribe technology (laser-etched labeling)
DVDRW-BluRay DVDRW-BluRay - can read and write to DVDs & CDs, and read BluRay disks but not write
ECC Error Correcting Code
FHD Full High Definition resolution is 1920x1080 pixels
FirePro FirePro (NVIDIA-brand graphics card)
FPR Fingerprint Reader
GB Gigabyte - 1000 MB = 1 GB
GeForce GT GeForce GT (NVIDIA-brand graphics card)
Graphics-Less Video card not included
HD High Definition resolution is 1366x768 pixels
HD+ High Definition Plus resolution is 1600x900 pixels
i3 Intel Core i3
i5 Intel Core i5
i7 Intel Core i7
IPS In-Plane Switching
KB Kilobyte - 1000 bytes = 1 KB
LAN Local Area Network - computer network within a limited area, such as a resident or office
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LED LED Backlight
MB Megabyte - 1000 KB = 1 MB
MQ Socketed Quad Core
mSSD Mini version of SSDs designed for mobile devices
MT Microtower Form Factor
NB Notebook
NIC Network Interface Card - component that connects computer to a network
No-NFC No-Near Field Connection
No-Optical Optical drive not included
No-Pen No Pen Included/Does not support a stylus
NVIDIA NVIDIA-brand graphics card
NVME Non-Volatile Memory Express
NVS NVS (NVIDIA-brand graphics card)
PC Personal Computer
PD Intel Pentium Dual Core
Pen Comes with/supports a stylus
Q Quad Core
QC Quad Core
QHD Quad High Definition - resolution is 2560x1440 pixels
Quadro Quadro (NVIDIA-brand graphics card)
Rfrbd Refurbished
Rmkt Remarketed
SATA Serial ATA (internal storage)
SED Self-Encrypting Drive (internal storage)
SFF Small Form Factor
SSD Solid State Drive (internal storage) - faster and more stable than SATA drives
SSHD Solid-State Hybrid Drive (internal storage
TB Terabytes - 1000 GB = 1 TB
Tblt Tablet
Tesla Tesla (NVIDIA-brand graphics card)
Touch Touch screen
TWR Tower
USDT Ultra Slim Form Factor
W10P/W7P-64 Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro)
W10P-64 Windows 10 Professional 64
W7P-64 Windows 7 Professional 64
W8.1P/W7P-64 Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 8.1 Pro)
W8.1P-64 Windows 8.1 Professional 64
WAN Wide Area Nentwork - computer network that extends over a large geopgraphical distance
WLAN Wireless LAN technology - connects devices using a wireless distribution method within limited area
WS Workstation
WWAN Wireless wide area network (broadband/mobile telecommunications)
X Intel Xeon (processor)

* Please note that this product is non-returnable and non-refundable. DOA and defective units are to be sent directly to HP for warranty repair or replacement, please call HP 800-474-6836 for all warranty claims. *

1 Year HP Warranty



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