Rackfinity is pleased to offer LAN workbenches of the highest quality made by Kendall Howard. These workbenches are practical for all your video editing station, security monitoring station, or technology bench needs. They also work perfectly as standalone desks, lab benches, command consoles, or can be a mobile shipping station.

All of these products are made with a seven-layer laminate compound and have a scratch- and spill-resistant finish that is durable for just about any application, plus they look fantastic in any office environment. The multi-utility LAN workstation also includes a built-in cable management channel that keeps network cables and power cords organized and hidden from view.

All designs in the Performance Series collections are completely modular, allowing you to make modifications as needed. No matter your space restrictions, there is a size of LAN station perfect for your office. Stations come in 24”, 48”, 72”, and 96”  models. Rackfinity’s customer service team is ready and waiting to help you make the right choice of workbench.

These LAN stations are versatile and support numerous configurations. With the various hardware mounting options, shelves and available drawers, your office will be able to maintain an organized working environment at all times.

To further meet your office’s needs, Rackfinity is pleased to offer accessories that will act as great add-ons to your Performance Series LAN stations and workbenches. These accessories customize your Performance Series pieces in a way that will allow you to have an efficient and attractive workspace. These accessories install in minutes, and add function to the already-great LAN workstations. Bracket kits, racking systems, power strips, and utility drawers are just a few things we offer. With these items and others, Rackfinity has Performance Series workstations and accessories to keep your office organized and allow you and your team to focus the business of doing your best work.